remote retouchers

The Best Way To Take Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level

You shoot a lot of real estate photos every day?

Tight shooting schedule barely leaves you time to edit your photos?

Our team can help you to handle this! We offer high quality retouching services for a reasonable price.

Basic Images Processing

We do merging HDR from multiple exposure shots, fix the perspective issues and do color correction.

Touching Up the Details

Got cracks on the walls, trash, wires and cables on your photos? No problem, we will touch all that out.

Sky Replacement

The weather is gloomy, and the sky looks dull and boring on the shots? We can help you with that - realistic sky replacement will make your photos look more attractive and nice.

Lawn Replacement

The weather is hot and dry, and your lawns look yellow and deserted? Don't worry, we can make your lawn fresh and green even in September!

Feeling of a Home

Additionally we offer replacing an off TV screen with an image and adding fire to fireplace to make rooms look more cozy and warm.

Your Special Requests

Need something special? Let's talk this over. We are open to communication and excited to meet the challenge!

why us? take a quick look at some great features

12-24 hours turnaround

We work when you sleep. You upload pictures at the end of your business day, and have them back edited next morning.

Get you first edit for FREE

Testdrive our services with a $20 value photo set to see the result you will get before you place paid order.

Convenient and easy files exchange

We prefer to use Google Drive Shared Folders to exchange files, but for your convenience we can use any method suitable for you.

Drag the line to see before and after.

how it works?

We are located in Eastern Europe and targeted to work with USA and Australia based photographers. The time zone difference makes it possible for us to work when you sleep. You upload pictures at the end of your business day, and have them back edited next morning – as easy as that. Our manager is at your service from 8:00 AM till 1:00 PM by North American Central Time Zone to discuss any questions.

Price per photo varies from $1 to $2,5 depending on the complexity, but we are ready to edit you first order for FREE to estimate the adequate price for your retouching needs. Additionally, you can see the result you will get before you place paid order.

We make a small team of retouchers and it’s important for us to provide special approach to each client. We are not looking for a big lot of clients, we are looking for just a few with whom we will build long-term effective collaboration. We hope you will give us a chance to participate in your business.

what people say about us

Remote Retouchers team shows high quality, consistent work that is always delivered on time. Any adjustments or concerns are always addressed right away, and always with a great attitude. They helped to make my job much easier and smoother.

Parker Lasseigne

Photographer, Watters International Realty
The team of Remote Retouchers works very fast and with high quality! Corrections are implemented quickly and professionally.

Daniel Mendelin

Dynacom GmbH

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